What is BPH?

For men over 50, an enlarged prostate is a common condition.


Enlarged prostate is one of the most common conditions affecting men as they age. It's known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH causes prostate tissue to grow and block the normal flow of urine (pee).  


One out of two men over 50 has BPH. Symptoms include: 

  • Having to urinate (pee) often
  • Having a slow stream when you urinate 
  • Feeling like you need to go often
  • Getting up at night often to go 

BPH can affect work, sleep, daily activities and your social life.  

BPH is usually treated with medicine or surgery. ProHEALTH offers a treatment called Rezūm, which uses steam to shrink prostate tissue. As the steam cools, it releases heat and destroys the nearby cells. This can reduce the size of the prostate by as much as a third. 


In general, Rezūm is covered by insurance. It can be done in the office in just a few minutes. Usually, you can return to normal activities in a few days. Symptoms can improve in as soon as a few weeks. Most men can stop taking prostate medicine. 

If you'd like more information about BPH, call our offices at 1-516-622-6110. We are conveniently located in Lake Success, Garden City, Bethpage, Huntington, Queens and Brooklyn.

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