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We're proud to offer exams that meet federal and state guidelines for workforce health and safety. These include Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) exams.

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What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine focuses on keeping employees safe and healthy on the job. We work closely with employers to help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. If an employee is injured, we do everything we can to help him or her get better faster.

A leader in the field for more than 20 years

Our physicians are experts in occupational medicine and know federal and state guidelines. They are better at caring for work injuries than most primary care doctors.

What happens if there's a workplace injury?

Injured employees will get excellent care and the support they need for a fast, safe recovery. We're also experts in workers' comp and make it easy to use the process.

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  • Being injured at work is difficult for most workers. We act quickly after an injury to offer care and help employees get back to work safely. This also speeds healing and makes most employees feel better about themselves. 
  • If an employee is injured, we tell employees, employers and insurance companies about it. This includes details about the injury, treatment plans and any workplace restrictions. 

    We also teach injured employees why returning to work can help with recovery. This makes most employees more likely to complete their treatment plans. It also reduces disabilities and lost work days. 

  • We work closely with employers to make sure that using our services is easy. We visit workplaces to find ways to make them as safe as possible. We also offer tours of our medical centers. 

    When employees get good care, it can mean the difference between recovering or not recovering. So any time an injured worker sees one of our doctors, we ask for feedback. Then we share that feedback with our clinics so they can learn from it. 

  • Many employers require pre-employment exams to help reduce health and safety risks at work. We provide these exams to businesses of all sizes across the country.

    Our injury-prevention programs help identify employees who could be injured at work. We also offer workplace assessments to help find and fix potential health problems.

  • All commercial vehicle drivers are required by federal law to pass a regular DOT physical exam. DOT exams follow strict rules and help make sure drivers are healthy enough to drive safely. Drivers who pass get a valid DOT card. Learn more
  • Drug screenings test for the presence of illegal drugs, alcohol and other substances. This helps create a safer workplace for employees. 
    • Pre-employment exams
    • Back-to-work exams
    • Sport exams
    • Student exams
    • Yearly exams
    • DOT exams (at select locations)
    • OSHA exams

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