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Get all your health information in one place. See your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills and more — even if you've been seen at multiple health care organizations.

The MyChart patient portal is here. Our former patient portal in still available, so you can get to your health information and pay your bills. The current portal will only have information and bills for services that took place before August 1, 2021. 

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Pay your bill here for any dates of service before August 1, 2021.  

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Features and benefits of MyChart


Take your health record with you, wherever you go.


Quickly schedule appointments and find care

Make appointments at your convenience, complete pre-visit tasks from home and find the nearest urgent care when you need it.


All of your health information in one place

See your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, medical bills and more.


Connect all your MyChart health accounts

Connect your MyChart accounts throughout the U.S. and see care from all health care organizations that use MyChart.


Connect with a doctor no matter where you are

Send a message, get online diagnosis and treatment, talk face-to-face over video, or arrange to meet with a doctor in person or virtually.


Simplify care for the whole family

Get to your family's health information and take care of all your needs with just one login. Review test results and more, all in one place.


Getting started with MyChart

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  • Take one of these steps: Sign up online, at a clinic location or use the MyChart free downloadable app.

    1. Sign up and instantly turn on your account by selecting "Sign Up Now," then "Sign Up Online." Follow the process to confirm your identity. After you confirm your identity, you'll be able to get to your MyChart account. 
    2. Sign up at any clinic location, no appointment needed. Staff at any of our clinics can send you an activation link. Ask any receptionist for assistance.
  • ProHEALTH patients can get MyChart on their Apple® iPhone and Google Android™ devices through a free app. The MyChart app allows you to send and get messages as well as to view: 

    • Test results
    • Appointments
    • Health reminders
    • Your health summary

    Note: You must set up a MyChart account before using the app on your smartphone.

    Apple iOS: From your device, go to the Apple® store and search "MyChart."
    Android: From your device, go to the Google Play™ store and search "MyChart."

  • You can link your MyChart account to third-party apps through the FHIR standard. (FHIR® is also called the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard and defines how health care information can be exchanged between different computer systems.)   

    If you have an app that uses FHIR to work with your doctor’s electronic health record system, MyChart supports it.

    Follow the steps supplied by the app to add your MyChart information. Find complete steps.

  • You can use MyChart to get to the medical record of another family member, such as a child, parent, spouse, partner or a close friend, through a MyChart feature called “proxy or proxy access.”

    “Proxy or proxy access” means you can get someone else's medical records or they can get your medical records. Other accounts that you can get to will appear in your personal MyChart portal.

    You need to have a MyChart account to get proxy access to someone else’s account. If a family member needs a MyChart account, there is a Sign Up Now button on the main ProHEALTH MyChart page.

    How do I request the proxy feature to get a child's medical records?

    From a computer, log in to MyChart, go under Your Menu and go to “Personalize Activity.” Click the “Request access to a minor’s record" link. Fill out the form and click “Submit Request.” Our staff will be in touch about granting your request.

    How do I give proxy access to another adult to get to my medical records?

    The other adult will need a MyChart account in order to use the proxy feature to get to your medical records. 

    From a computer, log in to your MyChart account. Under Your Menu, go to "Share My Record Activity." Select "Friends and Family Access." Click the "Invite Someone" hyperlink. Fill out the form with the other adult’s name and email and click "Send Invite." 

    What can you do with proxy access?

    Once access is granted, you can enter the proxy account(s) by clicking the drop-down arrow on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting which proxy you want to view. 

    For children under 12 years old and adults for whom you have proxy access, the process works basically the same as when you log in to your own account. 

    With proxy account(s), you may: 

    • Send messages to doctors 
    • Schedule appointments
    • View upcoming and past appointments
    • Pay bills
    • View immunization (shots) records
    • View test results, and more

    If you’d like to use the messaging feature for a proxy, make sure you send messages with the proxy account and not your own account. 

    Also, when sending a message from your proxy account, the system identifies that message as coming from the proxy account, so the caregivers are aware that the message is coming from the proxy account.

  • Parents and legal guardians can use MyChart to help take care of their child’s medical care through proxy access, but there are some things to be aware of depending on the child’s age.  

    • Ages 11 and under: Parents and legal guardians can send messages to the child’s providers, schedule appointments, including well-child checks, view upcoming and past appointments, pay bills, view immunization records, test results and more.
    • Ages 12–17: Once a child turns 12, there are some changes to what parents can see in a child’s MyChart account. 

    While parents can still pay bills and view immunization records, certain information related to appointments and medications won't be available to protect the child’s privacy.

    Sensitive information like medications and test results are generally not available to those with proxy access. This type of information isn't available to those with proxy access to provide teens with a safe space to seek medical care and guidance.

    • Ages 18 and older: Once a child turns 18, parents no longer have access to their health record in MyChart and have to be granted access by the adult child. 

    A person 18 years old or older can give a parent access from their own MyChart account by going to “Share MyRecord Activity,” selecting “Friends and Family Access,” and clicking the “Invite Someone” hyperlink.

  • Almost all results will be released right away upon completion. Please be aware that this does mean you may see your results before your doctor.  When your doctor reviews your results, they may add a comment that will then create an update to the result in MyChart. 

    Some results may be delayed upon discretion of your doctor, though. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact your clinic.

  • ProHEALTH promises to safeguard our patients’ privacy and information. Paperless billing is a secure way for you to view and pay your bills online. 

    With paperless billing, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of mail fraud and identity theft from sending checks or credit card information in the mail.

    Other paperless billing benefits:

    • Access: Current bills and past bills can be viewed 24 hours a day.
    • Information: Paperless bills include the same information as paper bills.
    • Convenience: Paperless bills reduce the amount of mail you get and let you view and pay bills in one location, with less hassle.
    • Cost savings: Paperless billing will save money on postage.
    • Environmentally friendly: Paperless billing helps save paper.

    How can I pay my bill using MyChart?

    • Log in to your MyChart account on your desktop computer or phone.
    • Under your menu, click on “Billing Summary Activity.”
    • You should see the details for the amount owed with an orange button that reads “Pay Now” or a grey button that reads “Set Up Payment Plan.”
    • Select the “Pay Now” button and enter your payment information if you would like to pay the entire bill or a part of it.
    • To set up automatic payments for the bill, select the blue button “Set Up Payment Plan” and follow the directions on the screen.

    How do I pay as a guest?

    You can pay bills on the MyChart website without logging in. If you have a MyChart account, you can use this choice. But when you log in to your MyChart account to pay bills, there are more features available.

    To pay as a guest, go to MyChart's "Pay as a Guest" page.

  • In MyChart, patients can choose to receive (get) paper bills. To get paper bills, please do the following:

    • Log in to your MyChart account.
    • Under “Your Menu,” click on the “Billing Summary Activity.”
    • Below the bill details, you should see a sentence that reads, “If you would like to receive paper statements, you may cancel paperless billing.” Select the highlighted words “Cancel Paperless Billing.”
    • On the new screen that appears, click on the orange button that reads "Receive Paper Statements."
  • Yes. Get ready for your video visit by logging in to MyChart early, before your appointment, with your computer or phone. Next, complete eCheckin. 

    You can also easily test your camera and audio before your visit on MyChart. Then, once it's time for you visit, just log in to MyChart, and click the Begin Visit button. 

    Once your doctor joins the video call, your visit will begin. After the visit, you'll get your After Visit Summary, which will outline the visit and contain any patient information and/or educational materials your doctor adds.

    We're also offering on-demand video visits for COVID-19. Simply log in to MyChart and use the “Talk to a Doctor” feature. The system will then guide you through the steps to join a video visit with the next available doctor.

  • You can use MyChart to schedule appointments, whether that's to find a new primary care doctor, schedule a follow-up with your specialist, or find the nearest urgent care and tell them you're on your way. 

    To schedule a visit with a new primary care doctor,  go to the “Schedule an Appointment” section in MyChart and click “Find a New Provider.” You will then be able to find available appointments based on clinics or providers (doctors).

    To schedule a checkup with your primary care doctor or a follow-up appointment with your specialist, go to the “Schedule an Appointment” section in MyChart and click on which doctor you want to see. You'll then be able to pick from a list of available times.

    If your doctor doesn't have any available times, you'll be able to send a message directly to their scheduling staff, who will then contact you to get your appointment scheduled. 

  • To find the nearest urgent care, go to the "Find Urgent Care" section in MyChart. Once you have selected "Find Urgent Care," you'll be able to see a map of the closest urgent cares, as well as each location's current estimated wait time.

    Once you have chosen the urgent care you would like to visit, you can either click to let them know you're on your way or pick a specific time for later in the day. From there, just enter some basic information and head to the clinic.