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No-cost class

The virtual newborn experience is an online prenatal class designed to support new parents in the first days home and beyond.

Parenting is a learning process. This virtual class aims to boost your confidence in care-taking and nurturing your precious newborn.

Expectant moms will cover:

  • New skills and techniques such as bathing a baby, feeding and diapering, and basic safety
  • What to pack for the hospital and doctor's visits 
  • Essentials for your registry 
  • How to swaddle, diaper and bathe your baby


Registration is required to join the class.

Send an email to and you will be sent a link for the virtual class.

Please include in your email: 

  • Your first and last name
  • Your partner's name (if you're bringing a partner)
  • Class title and date
  • Daytime phone number

The ProHEALTH Parenting Lounge was established in 2018. Our mission is simple: to promote a healthy family dynamic. We've created a series of no-cost events as a benefit for the ProHEALTH Care family and the local community.

These events will show you how to have a happy, healthy relationship with your children though all ages of childhood.