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We're committed to fundraising for those in need, raising awareness of community health topics and providing medical care to those in need.


"Year of the Woman": supporting women throughout our community

As part of this initiative,  we have partnered with Bethany House which provides emergency shelter and services for women and children.

To learn more about the partnership and how you can help, visit

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Bethany House

A homeless person looks just like you or me.

The one thing they do not have is a key to an apartment or a house.

There are about three thousand six hundred homeless individuals on

Long Island every night

To the naked eye it might look like hopelessness but homelessness

looks like you, looks like me.

It doesn’t have a face, it doesn’t have an age, you just find yourself

without your basic needs.

A roof over your head, someplace to come in and lie down.

Or even just simple things like using a bathroom with some privacy and


Bethany House is a composite of residential options for women and

children who are homeless here on Long Island.

Bethany consists of five locations.

We have three emergency shelters.

We have one transitional home in Bellmore and we have another one

in Baldwin.

“My first time being in a shelter was really emotional and hard for me

because I wasn’t raised with my parents, so I’m raising my kids on my

own by myself learning how to be the best mother that I can be.

So, my experiences are really bad because I got kicked out of maybe

two or three different shelters until I was able to get it right.

So, my last go around being in Bethany House in Baldwin it really grew

me to be a mother, a better person, more social, learn how to deal with

people, learn how to speak to people, learn how to fix myself and better myself.

For me and my kids.”

“I came to Bethany House nine months ago.

I became homeless after losing my job.

I am now in independent living and ready to move on to the next portion of my life.”

For the month of June ProHealth has decided to help Bethany House directly. Every time a patient is seen at one of the ProHEALTH Urgent Care Centers, a dollar will be donated by ProHEALTH to Bethany House.

They provided a day of health education at Adelphi University and some of those funds are going to help Bethany directly.

ProHealth gives our women an opportunity to get their medical needs met without fear.

Particularly our homeless families.

In addition to the hundred thousand dollars as you’ve mentioned.

We believe that the economic support is necessary but at the same time insufficient to be able to support what you truly do.

Because while you provide brick and mortar and food which needs the monetary support that’s only half the equation.

The other half and I would say the more important one you said it beautifully were you have to hug the patients and the people back to wellness.

And so, beyond the hundred thousand dollars all of your residents, employees those that need carIng for and those that do the caring, ProHEALTH will be providing access to healthcare at no charge at any of our urgent care centers.

And in addition to a hundred thousand dollars we look forward to a long-lasting relationship to serve the people who need our help the most.

“I’ve always taken care of my children my grandchildren.

I’m now learning to take care of me.

So now I can make the next steps of my life and maybe payback what was given to me.”

“This grand journey that I am on is about standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and believing that whatever you say is for you…is for you.

And Bethany has showed me how to believe in that so much so that I am now a homeowner.

And I have that blessing and that wish for every single woman that comes through here.

I’ve learned that where you are is not who you are.”

“Life is not easy but it’s not hard either it’s what you make it.

And you have to take every day one step at a time.

You have to be fully dedicated to wanting more for you, wanting more for your kids.”

“And its ok to go through things, its ok to go through the struggle, its ok to hurt, its ok to cry but just know that one day that you will have happiness you will be ok.”