Coronavirus case identified in Westchester

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


On Feb. 27, a Westchester resident presented at Bronx Primacare Medical with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. He was immediately masked and put into a private room.

After a negative flu test, he was sent by ambulance to Lawrence Hospital.  On March 2, we learned that the results came back positive for COVID-19.
Our focus is on protecting the health and safety of our people and ensuring patients get the best possible care.

We have taken extraordinary measures to keep this patient’s exposure to a minimum, and our offices are continuing to take all possible safety precautions, including increased screenings in place since early January and a long-standing policy of masking any patient who presents with a cough, fever, rash or upper respiratory symptoms.

Because of these standard procedures, the patient was masked throughout the visit and immediately isolated in a room. All appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures were followed by our clinical staff throughout the visit.

We are conducting outreach to our patients who were at the clinic on Thursday and monitoring clinic staff who came in contact with the patient. We’ll continue to coordinate with appropriate authorities.

As with any public health issue, we encourage people to follow all guidance and protocols issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local public health departments.

Crain’s ranked ProHEALTH Care as one of the top ten largest physician groups in the New York Metro area. And they ranked us the largest physician group not part of a hospital.

Lauren Mihajlov